We provide sophisticated solutions with a refined simplicity

At our core, we strive to be "The Ultimate Living Experience"
Bridging the gap between old world building and cutting edge technology

preliminary sketches will help define a direction quickly and help with communication

What Inspired Us

Working primarily as designers, consultants, facilitators & innovators, we consider ourselves fortunate to be part of an ever changing world of building tools and systems.  We see this emergence of technology as our greatest challenge… and an absolute opportunity.

We look to our background in design to appreciate, explore and refine high quality projects.  We pursue perfection with new materials and old, combined by creative means.  

3d modeling and diagrams help paint a clear direction

Transverse BLDG simply seeks to connect.

Connect through art and craft with nature, connect to your home and to the community.   Sit together, share together, and do together.  We pride ourselves on an engaging design process.  We simply extract the ideas already in your head, an create a product that seamlessly blends into the landscape.


design development will bring the project into initial drawings

Why You're Here

You're here because you envision a building pushing the boundaries of conventional practices.  Something that reaches out to the ages and says, "I am here to stay".  That statement of longevity, craft and performance is exactly why were here ourselves.

This pursuit for creative design solutions to everyday challenges lends itself to a custom oriented design process, aligning our scope of services to the specific needs of each project.  Our goals is to tailor both the process and the product to your vision.

At our core, we are architectural designers, seeking to better understand what makes truly great architecture.  We feel there is a balance in all designs, and the many choices we make along the way inform a grounded solution for your lifestyle and the site.

construction documentation will develop detailing and specifications

construction documentation will develop detailing and specifications