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The founder of Transverse BLDG, Michael has been in search of perfecting the design process, and construction methods.  Getting involved in construction 20 years ago, swinging hammer on a number of residential projects, he has a deep understanding of the intricacies of building successfully.  

After studying sustainable building technologies and community oriented design, he worked in the larger scale, designing modern commercial structures as part of a team at TVA Architects.  After 4 years with a focus on concrete, steel and glass, another building medium soon caught his eye...  wood.  He has been mastering the art and science of designing with timber as a structural system for the last 6 years with New Energy Works Timber Framers, and now looks to bring the materials of concrete, steel, timber & glass together as a cohesive framework for buildings of permanence, blended with technology for the perfect result.

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creating the perfect building

I work closely with families in creating their dream.  The process is driven by a passion for design excellence paired with innovative technology.  Looking to environmental factors for inspiration, we work together in creating a solution that is beautiful and functional.




My studies at the University of Oregon School of Architecture covered environmental design, master planning, site integration, community oriented design, and low impact living; placing importance on thoughtful allocation of resources.




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TVA Architects
Sockeye Timber Framing
New Energy Works Timber Framers
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